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Chikachevy family story

I want to say to parents: do not give up, constantly engage and talk. And it will give results.

We learned about the fact that our daughter lost her hearing in July 2010. We then had a second baby, who was 3 months old, and a daughter - 1 year and 10 months old. This became a huge shock. In our city, equipment was broken, so we went on the same day to a survey in Khabarovsk. They told us that it was time to start learning the sign language. It was not in my head that the daughter would not hear the birds singing, that I could not talk to her. One thing terrified this thought.

Cochlear implantation

After a while I learned about CI. But the Ministry of Health of our region said that there is no quota and it is not known when they will appear. My friend helped me - I was recommended to call V.E. Kuzovkov personally. Until the end of my days I will be grateful to this man. And in October 2010 we underwent surgery at the Research Institute of ENT. First connection in January 2011.


I was very worried, but the defectologist confirmed - now my daughter can hear everything.

We returned to our city, where the most difficult stage began in the RC "Hope" - to teach to hear. Day by day, month after month, there was continuous work. And finally we start talking! We went to the general education garden, where my daughter got used to the speech environment and learned to communicate with other children. We are happy.

In September 2012 we implanted the second eye. We continue to visit the RC and the kindergarten. In 2013, they signed a daughter to dance. I did not know if they would agree to work with an unusual child. Thanks to the leader and teacher of the show ballet "Alexandria" - they took with the words: "Let's try." And again success! We have been dancing for 3 years already. Concerts, performances.


In 2016 we went to the first grade of the general education school. There are 34 people in the class. I did not even doubt that my daughter would manage. And now we finish class 1. Our teacher is delighted. To date, the child has been rehabilitated, and everything is fine with her.


Thanks to all creators of cochlear implants, doctors, educators and people who do not remain indifferent to our children!