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Cochlear implantation gave us the opportunity to fully communicate, hear, understand, learn new things and enjoy it. Horrible years in absolute silence are left behind and it's great!

Sensorineural hearing loss

My son's name is Nurbol, he is 9 years old. Nurbol is the third child in the family two daughters were born before him. From the birth, my son was a very active and agile boy. We could not even think that he had problems with hearing.

In 2 months we had an ordinary walk. In a year he spoke syllables, but the speech did not appear till 3 years. We thought that boys develop later than girls, and did not pay attention. But in 3 years we found out that he does not hear. Doctors diagnosed "Auditory neuropathy. Two-sided sensorineural hearing loss of the 4th degree ". This was a big shock for our family.

In hospital №5 of Almaty city we were told about CI MED-EL and were immediately put in queue for getting quota. We could not decide for a long time. Wearing a hearing aid, my son had the first words that only I understood. At the age of 5 we decided to have surgery. Thank God, everything went smoothly, and a month later a speech processor was connected.

At the age of 3, we found out that Nurball can not hear. At the age of 5, we decided for an operation. I regret not having done this before.

After the connection, when we returned home by car, he covered our mouths with his hands so that we did not talk and pointed to the speech processor. Only then did we realize that he had not heard anything in the hearing aids. I regret that we did not perform the operation before, so much time was lost.

Nurbol went to the logopedic garden, talked with peers and studied there under the general program. We went to the teacher's classes every day, and were taught according to the recommendations of the surdopedagogist.

School and music lessons

For the development of hearing and speech, the surdo pedagogue recommended that Nurbol be given a dombra. For two years he has been working on music.

Now Nurbol studies in the 2nd grade of the general education school. When he tells me that he helps his classmates with tests on mathematics and English, I have tears in my eyes. These are tears of joy and happiness. For the development of hearing and speech, the surdo pedagogue recommended that Nurbol be given a dombra. For two years he has been working on music. We study English. We go to chess, we learn to draw. Nurbol has many friends whom he plays football, skates. The speech is not yet clean, we continue to deal with the audiologist, speech therapist, defectologist.

If five years ago I would have been told that my son would not only play dombra, but also participate in two International festivals "The rhythms of the snail" in Warsaw and the "Magic Symphony" in St. Petersburg, I would not have believed it. But he became a laureate, entered the top ten and performed at the Gala concert with celebrities!

Nurbol's performance at the festival "Magic Symphony 2016"
If five years ago I was told that my son would play dombra and take part in international festivals, I would not have believed it.
What a blessing that there is CI MED-EL, thanks to which we every day rejoice at the achievements of Nurbol! Cochlear implants MED-EL enabled my son to communicate fully and hear the world.